Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Wish I'd Known about Breastfeeding

Bagi ibu-ibu baru dan tak berapa baru :p Yang berazam nak menyusukan anak yang bakal dilahirkan, diharapkan artikel di bawah ni dapat memberi serba sikit gambaran tentang reality menyusukan anak. Bukan semuanya indah-indah belaka. hehe.. Tapi janganlah sampai stress pulak ya. Biasa lah.. ada pahit, ada manis. Itu semua akan menjadi  pengalaman yang cukup berharga ;) Yang penting, kita cuba berikan yang terbaik kepada anak kita...
Sumber: BabyCentre
Breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally. Read on for breastfeeding reassurance and advice from BabyCenter moms:

"I wish I had taken a breastfeeding class while I was pregnant. All of the women in my family and most of my good friends breastfed, so I thought I'd be able to do it with their help. I needed more preparation!"

"Insist on having the lactation consultant visit you every day you're in the hospital. I did for my firstborn because he was having a hard time latching, but not for my second — I thought I knew everything. Big mistake. Each baby nurses differently, and it's nice to have some extra advice and encouragement."

"If you're breastfeeding, you lose your baby weight very quickly. However, when you stop, your metabolism readjusts and you start gaining again — very quickly. Right after the baby is born, try to develop some good eating habits, because the bad ones will come back and bite you!"
"I didn't realize that the first few times I breastfed, it would bring on such painful contraction-like pains."
"I've learned that it really relieves the pain if I massage my breasts often."

"I didn't know how much one breast can leak while you're breastfeeding on the other side. I was always scrambling for a piece of cloth or a tissue!"

"I wish someone had told me how insatiably hungry I would be when I was breastfeeding."

"My breasts leak like crazy, and most breast pads don't absorb enough milk to allow me to leave the house for more than 15 minutes. Finding good breast pads is key."

"I wish someone had told me about the hot flashes I got when my milk came in. That was very unexpected! They were really frequent at first, at least once a day if not more. They have stopped now that my baby is 9 months old."

"Three years after I stopped breastfeeding, my breasts still get a little damp sometimes when I think about my daughter."

"No one tells you that after breastfeeding your breasts will shrink back down and can even become smaller than they were before the baby."

"Know which foods can upset a baby's tummy when you're nursing. I knew about a lot of them — broccoli, cauliflower, caffeine, beans, garlic — but for some reason I hadn't heard about tomatoes. As soon as I stopped eating them, my son's colic disappeared."

"I wish I had known to pump breast milk sooner and get my husband used to feeding our daughter a bottle regularly — it didn't occur to me that she might reject it."

"It never bothered me to nurse in public, but I had a hard time baring my breasts in front of my father-in-law, my brothers, and co-workers who came to visit. I couldn't get over how weird it was to do this intimate thing in front of them."

"For once in your life, you'll have a Playboy-worthy chest — grab the camera and take some pictures. If only the rest of my body matched!"

"Don't skimp when choosing a breast pump — a good one is worth its weight in gold. Learn to use it ASAP. Having the freedom to leave the baby with a trusted friend or relative and take time out with your partner can really keep the baby blues away."

"My baby and I never got the hang of breastfeeding. Every feeding session ended with both of us crying. I wish I hadn't put so much pressure on myself to breastfeed, because once I accepted bottle-feeding, he and I could both finally enjoy feeding time."

"I had no idea how hard it would be to convince others that I wanted to bottle-feed and supplement with breast milk."
Ok, bukan semua situasi di atas ni berlaku pada semua mommies ya. Contohnya, sakit waktu baby nak menyusu.. Itu mungkin sebab salah latching. Tapi, bolehlah dibuat panduan supaya ibu-ibu baru tak terkezut dengan apa yang bakal dihadapi waktu nak menyusukan si kecil comel lote tu :)


iizla said...

nak breastfeed takleh stress, nanti production drop.

ibuhebat said...

setuju 200%!! hehe...

wanie said...

BF.. sangat unik, if we are in swing mood.. then the milk so so so shy to express.. if we are in happy mood... sok dapat gaji etc... laju jer kuar susu 2...utk ingatan diri sendiri... kena happy sokmo..

ibuhebat said...

wanie, kalo keje gomen.. ahad ni mesti susu meriah. isnin dah gaji kan ;)

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